Get Scorecard, Figure GOP Nominee!

These days if you fell asleep and awoke a day later it would be virtually impossible to determine the current leader of the pack seeking the Republican nomination for president. Newt is now leading in the great conservative state of South Carolina where he promises one and all if you nominate me, I WILL be a conservative. “There needs to be a solid conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and I’m the one that can bring together a national security conservative, and economic conservative and social conservative to make sure  we have a conservative nominee.” He charges that Mitt is a flip flopper who is pro oneday and anti the next.

Meanwhile on the sex front, poor Herman is confronting charges by Ginger White about a 13 year old affair both conducted. Herman’s lawyer, Lin Wood, was adamant if there was an affair it was a “private alleged consensual conduct between adults– a subject matter which is not a subject of inquiry for the media or public.”

Gee, I guess the attempt by the Republican party to impeach President Clinton for conducting a private consensual relation between two adults really should not have taken place.

The only hope for Mitt these days is to have a private consensual sex affair with both a man and a woman. Let them try accusing him of being Mitt the proper man!