Get The Fag!

President Barack Obama blasts away at sexua predators in the US Armed forces and no action is taken against him. Lt. Adam Cohen was raped by a superior officer in the US Air Force and has been subjected tp continual harassment by the officer corps because he actually went ahead and filed charges against a rapist. Naturally, when one is raped and remains quiet no action is taken against the individual. But, when one reports such behavior then only one course of action is necessary-file charges against the person raped–why did he incite this attack and why is he complaining about rape are questions for superior officers?

He is charged with making false statements to investigators and even wiretapping. Cohen has flown in 40 combat missions and has won medals for bravery but  he never faced such impressive foes as those one confronts when filing charges for being raped. Let him speak:

“This is the air force and the country that I love. But, I’ve seen people admitting harassment and no action is taken. I’ve seen  open sexual assault investigation where the air force is colluding with the assailant to testify against the victim.”

A Pentagon report recently noted that 62% of victims report harassment. I wonder why?