Get The Flag Right, Brownie!

In olden days, the sun never set on the British flag, but these days, the problem is not the sun never setting, but the ability of British leaders to get the flag in the right position. The government of Gordon Brown has endured many issues such as a declining economy, loss of jobs, and trying to explain away the war in Iraq, but now add to the list the ability of Socialist leaders to getting the British flag flying in the right position. During a recent visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, the flags of both nations were displayed, but, for some reason the British flag was displayed in an upside down position.

Observers wonder if the Brown government was sending a signal to the world by displaying an upside down flag. Historically, an upside down flag conveyed that a ship was in distress. Given the collapse of banks and business in England, perhaps, this was not a mistake but a signal to the world the Brown government was upside-down and in deep distress.

Who knows, maybe the American flag should now be displayed in an upside-down position.