Get The Russian Fags!

The people of Russia can finally sleep comfortably this evening knowing their Supreme Leader, Vladimir Putin, has finally made clear to one and all who are the fags in their midst. The new law which makes illegal “homosexual propaganda”has allowed right wing neo-Nazi homophobes to spend their days trapping those who are gay or lesbian to say something in public concerning this issue. Rightwing groups now use social media to arrange meetings with gays and once they admit to being one, this allows thugs to assault them on grounds they are simply defending themselves against vile people. A new Russian group, Occupy Gerontophilia and Occupy Paedophilia are now actively attacking gays and lesbians on grounds their aim is simply to “reform” homosexuals. Ironically, this group is targeting teenagers who might feel sympathy towared gays and lesbians. There are reports right wingers use the right to “reform” as giving them the right to assault and terrorize.

One teenager named Robert was contacted by a man who wanted to discuss homosexuality, but Robert quickly realized it was a trap to get him beaten in order to save his soul. Homosexuality is for the modern Russian what believing in democracy was for the Russian in Stalin Russia. There is something sad about using homosexuality in order to destroy Russian democracy.