Get The Wetbacks!

The Republican party is very worried about hordes of illegal immigrants from Mexico flooding across our borders and taking good jobs away from God  fearing red blooded Americans. Heck, think of how many millions of America who want to pick peaches, pull down apples, dig roads and enjoy the benefit of a nice smelling job in a meat packing establishment! Republicans insist that prior to establishing a process for the 12 million illegal immigrants presently in this country, our borders must be “secure.”

During the past four years President Obama has doubled expenditures on the border patrol, it has resulted in twice as many immigrants be captured and returned to Mexico, but to Tea Party stalwarts, President Obama is soft on immigrants. We must return to  President Bush when half as many illegal immigrants were prevented from entering America. Illegal crossings are down 80%  from 2000.

Oh, for the days of George Bush!