Get To Back Of Bus, You Female Jew!!

Once upon a time a tired black woman in Birmingham, Alabama refused to give up her seat and sit in the back of the bus where black folk were supposed to sit. Tanya Rosenblit, is a nice Jewish woman living in Jerusalem. She got on a bus and was told by Jewish religious fanatics to sit with the women and not up front with the men. Jewish ultra Orthodox folk are imposing their way of life on those who are not Orthodox Jews. One would assume the world has moved past southern bigotry against black people. Alas, we are in modern Israel which allows bigotry against females, Jews, Christians, atheists.

The bus driver told Ms. Rosenblit that women ordinarily are not riding his bus at this time of the day and she should move to the rear with the other women. A haredi man approached her and said get to the back. “No, I won’t,” was her reply. She pointed out that she bought a ticket, and had the right to sit where she damn well pleased.

The driver called the police. The policeman asked her to move to the back and she again said, “no.” Where are we living? Is this the 21st century where a group of bearded old Jewish men can impose their way of life upon other people?

If they don’t like women sitting where they desire, why don’t this religious bigots walk??