Getting Out Of Bush Afghanistan Mess

As I recall, during the 2004 presidential race, President Bush assured the American people that an army of over 100,000 Afghans was being created. That boast must rank with his claims about WMD as being a threat to American security. American soldiers who are currently attempting to train an Afghan army are encountering lack of discipline among Afghan troops, dirty barracks, and a sense that tomorrow is the time to deal with today’s problems. Recently, Captain Adam Armstrong, met with local Afghan commanders to discuss problems. “We must be honest with each other. There are things that are holding the provincial reserve back. The first thing is discipline.” It is estimated that only 24 of 559 Afghan police units can function without outside help. About 47 of 123 Army units can function on their own.

Isn’t it about time that former President Bush was placed on trial for his lies and deceit which have resulted in the death of dozens of American soldiers? Isn’t it about time the Republican party was placed on trial for lying to the American people about the situation in Afghanistan?