A new picture of the origin of the universe captures the ghost of the afterglow of the Big Bang which occurred about 14 billion years ago and within this portrait of a new universe one can spot the origin of the Milky Way and even the origin of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is something breath taking about seeing how we small insignificant life forms began in a giant explosion of matter that sent dust across all aspects of what would one day become what we know as “our universe.” The interesting question is whether who we are today was destined to be the outcome of this Big Bang or did something go wrong. Religious folk will declare that God or some cosmic force was the one initiating the Big Bang or did it arise from the influence of another universe which had nothing to do that day but play around with universe making?

We are not even a speck of sand on the beach of our universe, but we act as though we humans had something to do with how the universe would evolve. One wonders if life forms from another universe experimented with universe making just as we experiment with nation making. I have a hunch those life forms are just as perplexed by their experiment in universe making as we are with our feeble attempts at nation making.

  • Vince

    It still worries me that so many people can buy into a theroy that cannot answer where the first carbon atom came from. It was just there? A doubtful conclusion, but science never touches base on this question because it would have to admit to that tiny little sub particle being created. But God has died because we have put our faith into pseudo science, yet we cannot stop an oil leak, stop greed, starvation, and worst of all war. The big bang is BS.



  • Richard

    It worries me more that there are still people like you out there that think there is a God. If there is a God why has he done nothing about cancer, AIDS, birth defects, wars and worst of all those that kill innocent men, women & children and say it is Gods will!