G.I. Admits To Random Shooting Of Iraqis

The Army is investigating a possible war crime arising from a soldier’s confession that he randomly fired at Iraqi civilians. Pfc. Bruce Bastien already faces charges of killing a fellow soldier. Bastien said he and another soldier used stolen AK47 military rifles to shoot at civilians while their unit was patrolling in Baghdad. He told investigators the sound of an AK47 is very distinctive so if they fired them other soldiers would assume it was coming from insurgent sources. In coourt documents, Bastien says he drove while a fellow soldier would shoot at Iraqi civilians who happened to be in the streets.

There is no question war leads some men to do things they ordinarily would regard as abhorent. The actions of these soldiers violates everything they were taught as soldiers and everty moral value they learned in their youth. There simply is no excuse for this type of random murders on the streets of Baghdad.