GI In Afghanistan -Xmas Away From Home!

Xmas in Afghanistan is not the particularly jolly place one would seek to be in at this most holy and supposedly most joyous time of the year. It is the 8th Christmas for American soldiers to spend in a far away land with high mountains and people seeking to kill one. Sgt. Byron Krepcho can only sigh and comment, “ah Christmas, I don’t really think about it. I treat it like just another day.” Yes, another day of dodging bullets, ambushes, rocket attacks and roadside bombings. For some reason the Muslim militants who wander around the mountains do not seek to have an Xmas truce, but go on firing and killing.

The most important question to pose on this holiday is — does the president and his military advisers actually have a plan that ensures American soldiers will not be spending their 15th Xmas in Afghanistan? As David Nix put it, the only thought in his mind is “being with my family.” Members of Congress and the executive are spending this week with their families, but see no problem in asking some brave young men and women not to be with their own families.