Gingrich: Blame Gingrich Group, Not Me!

Newt Gingrich is a man who thinks with an historical mind. He knows all about lobbying groups which proves this is a man one should consult when one desires to find out how to make money as a lobbyist. Of course, he told students at Harvard Business School, “what’s happened is we’ve grown a consulting industry so instead of having old-time big city machine bosses, we now have these consultants.” As for him, “I do no lobbying of any kind. I never have.” As he points out, companies pay Gingrich Group for lobbying, but they do not pay Newt Gingrich.

OK, so his group pulled in $1.8 million from Freddie Mac, a corporation he has denounced. OK, the health industry gave Gingrich Group $200,000 a year for several years. OK, the Gingrich Group pulled in over $35 million during the past decade. Do you know why they made so much money?

THE ANSWER. Industry wants Newt Gingrich to teach them about American history. They respect him as an historian and want to know how learning about the War of 1812 will ensure they make money giving home loans. As anyone knows, if you understand the War with Mexico, it can help your stores to sell more tacos!

After listening to this pudgy man spout his BS, all I can say is, “bring back political bosses!”