Gingrich Claims TV Anti-Christian

A recurring theme of Republican presidential candidates is that America’s media is anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. We assume that Newt is not  referring to the Fox Network and its crowd of blond haired idiot females who babble on and on about Muslims and terrorists and the like. Newt is upset at a new TV series entitled, GCB which is based on a novel. Gingrich insists TV programs feel OK about insulting Christians but will never say a word against Muslims.

On which planet does this man live? Countless movies and TV programs depict Muslim terrorists and people praying to Allah. When was the last time we ever saw a TV program dealing with evil Christian warriors? Gingrich and his buddies have invented an approach to life in America in which some sort of “war against religion”occurs. Perhaps, they can identify how many Christians are in jail as a result of this war contrasted with the number of Muslims.