Gingrich Is NO Historian!

Newt Gingrich continually spouts his credentials as “an historian” and a man of intellect. His latest outburst of ignorance makes one feel sorry that Herman Cain is no longer a leading candidate. At least Herman knew he was a con man. The former professor of American history said if he became president then he might dispatch US Marshals or the Capitol police to arrest judges who were “outside the mainstream” or “infringed on the commander-in chief’s authority.” He is upset that judges insist civil liberties should also be part of the US armed forces.

The Gingrich comment is so outlandish one is left breathless. How anyone who claims to believe in the US Constitution would threaten the independence of judges is so “out of the mainstream” of American politics that one is left wondering if Newt seeks to become head of Nazi Germany. The essence of the American system of government is independence of our judiciary. I assume Newt recalls the inauguration speech of Thomas Jefferson in which he made clear that those who oppose the American government had a right to express such views.

By  the way, Newt, the US has signed the Geneva Conventions which impose rights for prisoners on those who have signed the agreement.