Girl Scout Cookies

I am the father of three girls so it was normal for many years in my life to be prepared each spring, not only for the winds of April, but for the cookies of April when my daughters hustled up boxes and boxes of cookies. I had to bring a few boxes to work and engage in a trade with a colleague who had a daughter, I buy one from your kid and you buy one from my daughter. Such was the way that I spent those months in the midst of Girl Scout Cookie time. Ah, waiting by the entrance of a Supermarket and hawking a few dozen boxes! The Good Old Days of Cookies.

Naturally, one result is that I had to eat the cookies and gain weight which meant more walking and running to get rid of the pounds. This is why my heart goes out to Wendy Wilson who is now in jail for using counterfeit money to purchase those damn boxes of cookies. Instead of jail, why not sentence her to five months eating Girl Scout Cookies and doing the running to get rid of the weight??