Give Iran A Chance

In 2001 during the American invasion of Afghanistan, then reformed President Khatami cooperated with US forces and blocked the fleeing Taliban. His reward was to be branded by Bush as an evil man. The rest is history, an opportunity to engage in peaceful discussions with Iran never happened. Newly elected Hassan Rouhani has offered to temper down the rhetoric of anger towards the United States. He pledged to promote women’s rights and advance equality for women in society.He also promised to work for stability in the Middle East. “The only way for interaction with Iran is dialogue on an equal footing, confidence building and mutual respect.”

In other words, now is the time to end threats and warnings. As he put it: “If you want the right response, don’t speak with Iran in the language of sanctions.” We propose:

1. The US announces a two month lifting of all sanctions.

2. The US asks Iran to meet with its representatives for honest discussion.

3. The US announces that any money stil in its possession from the era of the Shah will be returned to the Iran government as a gesture of good will.