Give Me A Gun!

I inhabit a country in which little boys have been taught that it is their right to possess a weapon of destruction and it is their right to use that weapon because a voice told them to kill another human. According to the National Rifle Association, God seeks humans to use guns in order to give praise unto him. It is all part of his goal to create a world in which people carry guns on their way to church or a mosque or a synagogue. An eleven year old boy did not bring an apple to school for the teacher. Instead, he brought a gun, some knives and 400 rounds of ammunition because a voice in his head told him that he must kill a fellow student. He was thwarted and it turned out that he really wanted to kill a bunch of students.

At the courtroom, when police attempted to touch this boy, he burst out with: “Don’t fucking touch me. Get the fuck off me.” Off he went to a juvenile detention center. There are reports the NRA seeks to involve him in a program of gun safety.