Give Money, Get Right To Name Professor!

Once upon a time in England, they had great universities which prided themselves as being bastions of support for the principle of academic freedom. But, we live in modern times when universities so enjoy spending lots of money. Visit any university in America and notice how classroom space has become office space. In these offices dwell men and women who have absolutely nothing to do with academic research or scholarship. They devote their time to raising money. After all, the primary goal of a modern university is NOT the pursuit of truth, it is pursuit of the dollar bill. Any wonder why tuition rises and rises? How else to pay the army of office workers who soon will outnumber the size of student bodies!

Cambridge University, a bastion of academic freedom, recently accepted a grant of money–$6.6 million from a Chinese Foundation. The Chong Hua Foundation is run by a woman whose father once was prime minster of China. In accepting the money, Cambridge University will allow the foundation to name the professor who works with that money. Huh? Since when do foundations appoint professors? I am willing to accept bets that this is one professor who never will make critical remarks about China!