Glass Half Filled-Half Empty?

A poll of Palestinians discovered that one third were supportive of actions by a murderer who killed five members of an Israeli settler family. Last month, this thug entered the home and killed the parents and three children. Then, he fled into the night. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the murders along with numerous commentators and political leaders.

In Palestinian Authority newspapers, and social network pages of Palestinians, one can find denunciations of the murders. The new Israeli poll reveals that 62% of Palestinians condemn the murders while 32% agree it was a valid action. One is left with the question as to whether this poll is good or bad news for those seeking peace in the Middle East?

It would be interesting to poll Israeli Jews as to their views on driving Palestinians from their homes and fields in order to build new settlements for Jewish settlers. It woudl be interesting to find out what percent of Jews approve of driving Palestinians from homes in Jerusalem. The fact that two-thirds of Palestinians denounce these murders is an example of the half filled glass.