Glenn Beck, Dr. Ignorance!

Every so often I read and listen in wonder to the Glenn Beck tirades wondering whether he knows anything that takes place on planet Earth. Dr. Beck, Professor of Non-History, attacked Co-Op city which is located in the Bronx as an example of Socialism and the failed communism of the now defunct, USSR. Huh? in the 1950s, the New York State legislature passed a bill that provided tax benefits to any PRIVATE company which constructed low cost rental buildings for those in the working class. The METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY build a huge housing complex on the east side of the borough of the Bronx. It was built by private enterprise, run by private enterprise and served the needs of WORKING PEOPLE. After my father died, my mom moved into Co-Op City because there were many working class Jewish residents and she wanted to be in a Jewish neighborhood. Beck made some comment concerning “everyone’s life is interchangeable” in Co-Op City. Huh? My mother lived there for twenty years until her death and loved being in a neighborhood which contained Conservative Jews who were from the working class.

About 95% of the original residents were from white working class backgrounds. Yes, Co-Op City did go downhill in many respects, but why blame “the government?” Ironically, Co-Op City is an example of PRIVATE ENTERPRISE FAILING!

Mr. Beck if being ignorant was a virtue we would have to call you, St. Glenn!

  • David Chesler

    I must respectfully disagree that Co-op City is private enterprise. The United Housing Federation was only able to build Co-op City with immense involvement from Albany. Mitchell-Lama may have been private, but it was certainly not free enterprise, and was uncomfortably close to a centrally planned command economy.

    After the rent strike — the result of UHF, with Albany complicity hiding the cost over-runs — operations were even more in bed with Albany.

    Many of the problems over the years, starting with the cost over-runs and construction defects, were the same as have always plagued socialist endeavors — nobody watching the store. The tenants had tax breaks but none of the other benefits of “ownership” and there was no landlord with a profit motive, just boards of directors working on kickbacks.