Glenn Beck Inspires Violence

After the horror of Tucson, Republicans like Sarah Palin claimed liberals were using the tragedy in order to smear her and claim she somehow was responsible for a deranged man killing people. Glenn Beck has conducted a campaign against “liberals” which seeks to end their plans to take over control of the United States. He has ben pinpointing his attack on elderly white haired Professor Frances Fox Piven who wrote an article forty years ago which urged signing up poor people for welfare payments in order to force the government to develop job programs. To Beck, this is a revolutionary manifesto which will result in the end of capitalism and the triumph of something termed, “socialism.” Since publication of her article, the wealth of the top 1% of Americans has increased from controlling about 10% of our wealth to 23.5 %. Since Beck launched his attack on an old woman, she has received death threats. “At first,” she says, “I thought it was funny, but now I know it’s dangerous.” She even received threats that say, “one shot, one kill.”

Beck insists he has nothing to do with these threats. Byron Williams was halted by police in California when they discovered he had a truck loaded with guns and ammunition. Williams told police he was inspired by Beck to go to San Francisco and kill liberals. Yes, Sarah, your words of anger have no effect on people.