“Honey, why are you lying on the floor?”
“I’ve been thinking about our great nation and what these Socialists in Washington have done to our wonderful people.”
“Honey, you’re crying.”
“I know. I’m crying. I’m crying for all those Americans who have been beaten down by the corrupt un-American folk around that guy from Africa. I’m crying for our friends like Marsha and Bill. Did you know if this Obama tax raise goes through, Bill and Marsha will not be able to afford their new $10 million cruiser. Their kids were so looking forward to a trip to South America aboard their dad’s boat, but this Socialist African born Obama will raise taxes on the wealthy.”
“You’re right, honey, it is so unfair in this country to be a millionaire.”
“Damn right. The millionaires of this nation are the new persecuted minority. I was thinking the other day how if Martin Luther King was alive today, he would be fighting for the rights of the wealthy, the folk who made this country great.”
“Did you notice that Bill and Marsha only have four people working for them, they used to have six?”
“See, the wealthy provide jobs, they make sure that people are working. I feel so bad, I just want to lie down and cry and cry.”
“Can’t you do anything, Glenn?”
“I am going to do something, damn it! I am going to organize a Restore America to the Wealthy” program in Washington. Sometimes, I feel so bad inside that I am crying within. I am crying for all the children of wealthy parents who won’t get an airplane for their birthday. I am crying for all the girls of wealthy parents who will not get a $10 million ring and will have to settle for a Wal-Mart style $5 million one. It is so unfair, so damn unfair what we do to the wealthy who made this nation what it is!”
“If only Martin Luther King was alive today!”
“Honey, we are going to celebrate that wonderful man at my rally. We are going to make the world understand that Martin Luther King was the greatest fighter for rights of the oppressed white folk of this nation. He was the only one to stand up against those drugged black murderers and rapists who preyed on white girls. I can not understand how the feeley-touchy white liberals of this country sold the idea King was for black folk. He was a white man inside and knew he had to stand up and defend those who were oppressed by liberal Jews and black traitors. Not that I’m against Jews, but, of course, I wouldn’t want our daughters marrying one.”
“Honey, you are a rare individual. You are the most sensitive man I have ever known.”
“I know. But, I feel some more tears coming on. An image just entered my mind that showed our wonderful patriotic lobbyists being attacked by liberals. God in His infinite wisdom created lobbyists on the 8th day. Damn it, how about a special program entitled: “Stand Up And Defend the Honor of Lobbyists!”
“Honey, you are a jewel, a real Christian.”
“I know that I am. I just want to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ who loved the meek of this earth, the millionaires and lobbyists.”