Glenn Beck On Policy Of Hate And Lies

If ignorance was a virtue Glenn Beck would be a Saint in Heaven.

There is scant doubt Beck is America’s Number One Pornographer.

I have been informed the Devil awaits Mr. Beck because he has been seeking a captain of the shit detail.

Glenn Beck is not a Mormon, he is the Anti-Christ.

If my choice was between being under the control of a Nazi guard or Beck, show me the SS, that is the shoveling shit man.

Glenn, Beckons to the call of hate.

I feel great sorrow for those of the Mormon religion because he is a member of their faith. Mormons must now carry the burden of Germans who have to atone for Adolf Hitler.

Glenn Beck is the Darth Vadar to Rupert Murdoch.

There are certain people who are beneath contempt, and beneath them is Glenn Beck.

Evil does have a name–B E C K.