Glenn Beck Verbally Assaulted!

Glenn Beck took his family to Bryant Park in order to watch a film. It was a peaceful pleasant evening, but this man, whose task in life is presenting the truth and displaying compassion for the persecuted wealthy of this nation, was verbally assaulted by crude and vulgar denizens of New York. One shouted: “we hate Conservatives here.” Another said in a loud voice: “We’re in New York, and we hate Republicans.” Someone even spilled a cup of soda near his wife. Beck was frightened. He feared that if someone had a rope and since he was in a park with many trees, they might “just lynch me.” He termed those in the crowd, “some of the most hateful people he had ever seen” and they even applauded as he existed with his family. Lindsay Piascitell, who was sitting near Beck said it was her friend who spilled the soda cup, “by accident.”

Let me get this straight. Glenn Beck is upset because people yell at him.

1. Glenn Beck on TV has continually told the false story about President Obama being born in Africa. It is a lie and he has repeated the lie over and over.

2. Glen Beck called George Soros a “Nazi” and accused this victim of the Holocaust of helping Nazis round up Jews for execution. Soros was a 14 year old boy in Hungary trying to escape death.

3. Glenn Beck has insulted Muslims over and over again without a single time identifying any Muslim who actually broke the law.

4. Glen Beck has uttered vicious statements concerning Hispanic immigrants.

In other words, this piece of s–t can insult, defame innocent people on TV and is upset when someone says they hate Republicans!!