Global Warming– Liberal Hogwash!

Diehard conservatives know that liberals will sink to any level of lies and confusion in order to further their goal of establishing a Socialist government in America. Latest figures indicate the Arctic experienced its warmest summer in over 2,000 years. According to one of those liberal do-gooders who thinks he knows more than experts such as Sarah Palin, made the ridiculous charge that “the accumulation of greenhouse gases is interrupting the natural cycle, which by itself would have seen temperatures 1.4C cooler than they a re today.”

If God had wanted the Arctic region to get warmer, He would have done it. The only reason the Arctic region is getting warmer is because of the hot air blown by liberals which accumulates in vast warm pockets around northern regions and thus leads to melting of ice. I prefer listening to the wise scientific ideas of people like Rush, and Lou, and Bill and other such scientific luminaries who know the truth. The bottom line is the world is OK, maybe a little ice is melting, but don’t worry, good times are ahead. Elect Sarah Palin and put a hold on ice melting, Just remember, she is an expert on Russia and northern regions.