Global Warming??

Most folks these days are being told by the cute pert gals who pose as someone knowing something about the world that global warming is not happening. As we shiver in cold, cold areas of the mid-west being told there is global coldness is the message from Fox News. They poseurs of being a newscaster simply do not grasp that “global warming” refers to dramatic changes in weather. I gather that was the reason thousands of people in Atlanta, Georgia were confused when a few inches fluttered down on their streets. They panicked and headed home causing incredible traffic jams that blocked highways and prevented people from going home or anywhere else. Students and teachers huddled in the gym or cafeteria through the night, the National Guard was summoned to bring food and water to those trapped in schools or offices or in their own car. Current figures reveal at least 800 car crashes.

Let me explain to people of the South.

1. Four inches of snow is NOT a “Snow Storm.’

2. If you see snow flutter down, simply drive slower and more carefully.

3. I regret to inform you that Santa does not go out if there is 8 inches on the ground. Neither should you. Stay home.

4. If you need some “water” just melt the snow!