Global Weather Disasters Deny Global Denier Claims!

Deniers of global weather changes insist the current rash of drought and severe shifts in climate is nothing more than a glitch which will soon end, as long as we go to church and pray to God to be a bit more merciful. Riots broke out in Maputo, capital of Mozambique as the impact of world-wide drought hit the pocketbooks of the average African. Drought in Russia forced that country, not only to ban export of wheat, but to become a wheat importer, drought also hit Australia and curbed its wheat exports. Japan reported its hottest summer on record as did New York City and parts of Florida. Rises in oil prices have led many American farmers to curtail their wheat and corn production and switch to producing ethanol. Crop disease in Central Asia, together with energy price rises have dramatically impacted the poor of the world. The people of Maputo, not only witnessed a 30% rise in bread prices, but similar increases in the cost of energy and water.

It is time to develop global plans to confront changes in our climate and to protect the needs of poor people for reasonably priced food, water and energy. We inhabit a planet and what occurs in one part is felt in every other part of the globe. Who knows, one day even deniers will awake to find the price of bread is now $5 a loaf.