GM Is Number One Again!

There is once again proof for conservatives in America that Barack Obama’s Socialist, anti-business policies are destroying this nation. General Motors announced that its sales in China of cars and trucks surpassed sales in the United States. I realize this news is a blow to Tea Party members who do not wish THE GOVERNMENT to interfere in how capitalist enterprises function since it would be much better if GM had gone bankrupt and closed. If that had happened American automobile companies would not be selling more cars in China and this nation would be number one! Alas, Socialist Barack Obama did it again. He saved an American business company. One can hear groans of dismay from Wall Street at the anti-business attitude of the president. GM executives will be receiving higher salaries this year due to the actions of the anti-business president.

Oh, for the information of the Republican Party, GM announced it was reopening plants in Flint, Michigan and rehiring workers. Oh, for the information of the Republican Party, GM announced it had recaptured the lead in world sales of automobiles from Toyota. Damn it, those LIBERAL SOCIALISTS continue to save American businesses. No wonder they are hated for being anti-business!

  • ed

    That prick shelby wanted GM to go under could you imagine the consequences. I wonder how much toyota is paying him?

  • Anonymous

    The above screed relies on the false assumption that conservatives are pro business. Not so. Conservatives are pro economic freedom and against crony capitalism, of which GM availed itself to stay alive despite its inefficiencies, uncompetitiveness and the losses resulting therefrom.

    Capitalism is a profit AND LOSS economic system enabled by economic freedom. When Obama assumed GM’s losses to keep it alive, he burdened the taxpayers with those losses while minimizing GM’s incentives to beome more efficient and competitve. As a result, the taxpayers are out $18 billion, GM’s inefficiencies survive, and the next round of taxpayer financing is not long in comming.

    Since the federal government is broke and must reform entitlements and cut spending, ask a taxpayer whether he’d prefer keeping GM going at the cost of cutting his social security benefits in half. Guess how he’ll answer? Would a rational person prefer the pride of keeping GM alive to receiving social security benefits proportionate to his payroll taxes? No. Yet a liberal (i.e. socialist) would. Understand this, and you can understand the Tea Party.