Go, But Don’t Go Right Now!

The refrain of an old song goes, “did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to go,  stay, go…” The annual meeting of an Afghanistan loya jirga echoed these sentiments when Afghan elders expressed weariness with the presence of foreign soldiers in thier land, but urged that soldiers remain until Afghanistan was stable. Safia Sediqi, a spokeswoman for the loya jirga, expressed majority opinion, “most of the people are afraid that if the Americans are leaving Afghanistan it might be the start of another tragic time for the Afghan people here.” Afghans are tired of bombs lasting them to pieces when shopping and bombs blasting them to pieces from drone attacks which supposed only kill “bad guys.”

Wadir Safi, a professor of law, was blunt when saying that over the past ten years, “the destroyers of Afghanistan have entered the country whenever they wanted and wherever they wanted. The long-term presence of America will help us to stpp the activities of those who want to destroy Afghanistan.”

Mr. Safi identifies a key issue about “outsiders”destroying Afghanistan, but what about  “insiders” like President Karzai and the thieves who are part of his government??