Go East Young Jew!

Throughout American history, people of European descent headed west into “open land” that was inhabited by animals and a few stray folks called Indians. Americans insisted it was their “manifest destiny” to occupy any land they believed was not being used for useful purposes. OK, so they had to kill or place on reservations those who apparently did not grasp that God was on the other side.

In Israel, those who have God on their side head east to the “barren lands” of the West Bank which has a lot of empty space and a few people who claim to own the land. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Israel and made clear, “all Israeli settlements are contrary to international law.” OK, so they go against international law, but does Mr. moon have any statement from God if kicking people off their land is against what He desires?

Heck, if you have God on your side it is OK to start a war.