Go Easy Says Sarkozy

President Nicolas Sarkozy is known for his propensity to utter the wrong words at the wrong time, but every so often he says something that actually makes sense. He was giving a speech at a meeting of France’s largest Jewish organization, CRIF, when he warned those in the audience about the folly of hasty action. Sarkozy reminded them in dealing with Iran and its nuclear capabilities, the “solution is diplomatic, the solution is in sanctions.” He also wanted to make clear to Iran what was at stake. “We want the leaders of this country to understand that they have crossed a red line,and to reassure Israel leaders so that the irreparable is not carried out.”

Of course, the “irreparable” is launching air attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Such action (a) will not end Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, and (2) it will create chaos in the Middle East. As the great English Prime Minister Winston Churchill once put it, “better to jaw jaw than to war war.”