Go Home Militants

The war in Afghanistan has been going on and on for over a decade so it is not surprising there is some confusion as to who is fighting who and what is the fighting all about. During this conflict, American and NATO  forces captured members of the Taliban– it is sort of normal to capture enemy  troops and place them in some sort of detentin process. As Afghan military forces assume control over the fighting they also take possesson of those captured in battle. Yesterday, about 80 Taliban prisoners were released from prison and told to go home and enjoy the good life. Police Major Jalal Uddin told the world, “we are certain they can help bring peace in Afghanistan and will support the government.”

It sort of makes sense. They have been in prison, they have obtained food, clothing and shelter. So, what else can they do but go home to no job and no prospects and become happy contented civilians. Yup, this makes sense. I wonder why no one previously thought of it.