Go Or Stay, That Is Question!

The Pech Valley lies in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan. US forces occupied the valley for several months in order to display a presence against Taliban militants. Finally, it was decided to evacuate those troops in order to present a stronger display of force in areas of the country which had larger population concentrations. But, the military reviewed this policy and sent troops  back to that location. According to Mark Mayor of Orbis Operations, “the decision to send US forces  back to the Pech may again reflect a recognition that insurgent havens can cause us more harm than had been anticipated.”

The issue is not whether we remain or stay in that valley. As always, the issue is what is the strategic plan that leads to creation of a viable Afghanistan government which has the support of  its population and can arouse energy to defeat Taliban forces. Americans  in a faraway valley can not do anything but once again display our failure to insist the Afghanistan government reforms itself.