Go Slow On Fast And Furious

Republicans are up in arms over the idiotic program by those fighting drugs to give guns to drug lords in order to discover how these guns get to drug lords. Lost in this storm in a tea cup extravaganza about the inept Obama administration is the inept “war against drugs” which has lasted for nearly 100 years without any sign of ending. In theory the United States government is against use of drugs to get people high. Of course, there are numerous “legal”drugs which make  people feel better- Prozac?

It makes not difference which program is implemented to end drugs in our culture because they are all doomed to failure. Fast and Furious should make all end their slumber and get a dose of reality. Transform the “war on drugs” to a peace program for drugs under which the Federal government would sell drugs to those seeking them. We could release 750,000 from jails, we could disband drug enforcement units and have them focus on corporate crime.

How about instead of 750,000 in  jail who were getting high to 10,000 corporate thugs in jail who were getting high robbing the American people!