Israeli defenders of new settlements on the West Bank have been challenged by an Israeli settler who picked up his family and headed south to the Sinai desert in search of a place to stake out his home. As Moshe Kersner points out, “there are 5,000 people who live in this area, yet it makes up 22 percent of the whole country. If you look at the center of Israel, then it is very crowded. So, why not settle here? It is a lot less controversial, but this land is as much a part of Israel as anywhere else.” He finds it delightful to live in peace without worrying about hostility or anger on the part of Arabs. If God wanted the people of Israel to return to their ancient homeland, there is no doubt the old man up in the sky meant go anywhere in the country and feel no need to only inhabit the West Bank. He is supported by Rabbi Rafi who argues it is not important where people live as long as they are living in Israel.

This is about the most sensible idea to emerge from Israel in years. OK, let Israelis flock to settle the entire Negev and make certain that God’s will is being followed to return and settle in the country He gave to Hebrews centuries ago.