Go South Or Further South

There used to be a country named Egypt which extended south and even further South until one day a few decades ago those living in the South decided they wanted to become the nation of Sudan. Those living in the northern part of the Sudan were light skinned and they conformed to the Muslim faith while most folk living even further south were of the Christian faith, and as we know from life experience when you mix up those who are light skinned with those who are dark skin things sort of get bothersome. Now, you add in differences of color and the pot will boil over and cause many to experience some pain. So, after a few years those who were dark skinned and Christian decided they did not wish to become part of any northern country which was also Muslim so they revolted and became South Sudan.

Naturally, since the south part of Sudan broke away it was only a matter of time before South
Sudan southern folk broke away and want to set up their own country. So, some of those in South Sudan support the president and those who want to go South support the vice president. I will not bother you with names and dates.

Anyway, South Sudan is now divided and Sudan is now divided and I am confused and, so are you!