Go South Young French Soldiers

Two years ago when the world was shocked at activities of Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi it was a popular plea to urge his overthrow. There are always unintended consequences when outside nations decide to topple a dictator. Just ask the American people who saw 4,000 of their young men and women get killed  in order to get rid of Saddam Hussein. After Gaddafi left the scene, thousands of militant Muslims who he recruited from Mali decided to return home laden with gifs of weapons of mass destruction. They quickly too possession of the norther half of Mali and instituted a deathly form of Sharia Muslim law, amputations included.

Mali militants are marching South in order to bring their version of the Muslim religion to all people. Unfortunately, the Mali army is only good at overthrowing governments-no one shoots back. The French government has rushed troops and planes to halt the militant drive. The African Union is also considering sending troops. French planes blasted the militants and the government is hoping they soon will be joined by soldiers on the ground.

Oh well, another army to train so they can defend their own country!