Go-Stay, Go, Fly?

The debate as to whether or not American forces should intervene in Libya is beginning to split the Republican Party. Senator John McCain, a military hero of the Vietnam War, believes it imperative for the United States to intervene in Libya as reports increase of Gaddafi forces blasting away at the rebels. McCain told a TV audience there is need for the American air force to impose a “no fly” zone in order to prevent Gaddafi planes from bombing innocent civilians. He emphasized that the American people “are not prepared to watch… one of the two or three worst despots in the world sit and slaughter innocent civilians.” McCain emphasized use of the air force and cautioned about employing other resources since “it would be counterproductive for us to send in ground forces.”

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson said the US should steer clear of military involvement in the Libyan revolution and opposes installation of a “no fly” zone.

Ah, how the winds of March, 2011 blow more gently than the winds of March, 2003.