Go-Stay In Iraq?

It becomes increasingly clear that American forces will be leaving Iraq and none will remain to handle training of the country’s security forces. Iraq’s government insists if American troops remain they will be subject to Iraq law and could be placed on trial for violation of local laws or customs. Reality is that 400,000 of Iraq;s 800,000 Christians have fled their nation to escape Sharia law and the influence of fundamentalist clerics and Muslims. Iraq has changed from being a modern secular society under a dictator to a Muslim centered society under something termed, “democracy.”

No American president can allow our troops to be subject to Iraq law since that law includes religious features which violate international law. If Iraqis desire to impose religious law it is their right. It is also right on our part to bid a fond farewell to the clerics who believe their version of God should dominate daily life. There will be violence at an ever increasing pace because the Shiite government cannot even work a compromise with its Sunni minority.

The time has come to depart. We regret Iraq will fall under religious rule.