Go To The Moon??

I assume John Boehner is proud today, the nation of China sent a probe to the Moon which landed successfully on the surface and is now sending back pictures of that part of the universe. This is simply another example of what awaits America if only its people would grant power to the Tea Party. Think of the billions being saved by not having much of a space program? OK, let the Chinks boast of being ahead of the United States in space. Welcome to the new Tea Party America. We do not spend money on research in order to save money. We are not interested in new technology developments, because it does not say in the Constitution the federal government has a right to research new medical ideas or new things like the Internet–since the US government developed it, and since the Constitution does not state it can or should, the Internet must be ended and private enterprise only be allowed to handle economic development.

China and India are being informed they can handle space exploration. We are now the America without vision. We have to remain locked into the world of 1789 because only that which is in the Constitution is constitutional! Ah, we once built transcontinental railroads, we built might bridges and highways that spanned the continent. Those were the days of vision, welcome to the Ted Cruz world of hate and anger!