Go Vote For Obama”

Newt Gingrich is so convinced of his intellectual and moral superiority that all too often words slip from his mouth which simply demonstrate this is a man of slipshod thinking who lacks the dignity of being a president. Once again the man who wraps himself in the flag of Christianity revealed an attitude toward humans lacking any sense of understanding the words of Jesus Christ. Scott Arnold, who identified himself as being gay, asked Gingrich how one could become president who shows lack of respect for gay citizens. Gingrich told him to go vote for Obama.

Frankly, neither Mitt Romney nor Ron Paul nor even Rick Santorum would utter such a response. Gingrich plays for the right wing audience even though that group is not the majority of Americans. Every poll reveals most Americans support gay rights. Newt is simply a pudgy little white man who lacks any semblance of understanding that a president MUST respect ideas of all in this nation even those that differ from his own.