Go West, Go East, Folks?

The government of the Ukraine is confronting a dilemma. The Great Leader, Vladimir Putin, has made clear that if the Ukraine joins the European Union, he will retaliate by withdrawing trade and energy and other such goodies from crossing the border into their fair nation. The government caved in and withdrew from the opportunity to head west to Europe. Thus, the pro-Russian folk in the Ukraine aren now happy. However, the pro Europe folk are furious and are now demonstrating in the streets of Kiev and other cities. On Sunday, over 100,000 were re-enacting the Orange Revolution of a few years ago even as the government makes clear it will not head west, but prefers going east.

Europe eventually will be linked to the European Union. It is an inevitable shift in history. The question is whether now or later. Sorry, Vladimir, you are simly a blimp in time and your time will eventually be past.