Go West Young Chinese!

Over 100,000 Chinese migrated to the European Union last year becoming the second largest group of foreigners entering Rumania, and the third for Britain, France and Hungary. The largest group of migrants came from the 140,000 Moroccans who entered the European Union in search of jobs. The largest supplier of migrants within the EU came from Poland where 290,000 of its citizens headed west to other nations in search of work and prosperity. Spain now ranks as the source of the largest number of immigrants entering an EU nation since 803,000 entered its borders.

Immigration into the European Union fills a major problem that is caused by low birth rates in the European Union compelling immigrants to enter their nations and do work that its citizens refuse to accept. The low birth rate eventually will witness the population decline of most EU nations resulting in an ever increasing percent of the population consisting of people from other parts of the world. The EU is becoming the United States of Europe.