Go West Young Man

Once upon a time there was a nation named the United States of America. People from around the world flocked to its shores in hope of securing a decent living and ending poverty. Yes, children, once upon a time if one wanted to enjoy a better life, the American Dream beckoned to all seeking to secure jobs and homes. Alas, that was then, today is now. Thousands of Asians who have come to America are now returning to India or Pakistan where economies are booming and jobs await.

Keith Kim had grandparents who left South Korea forty years ago because they wanted to become part of the American Dream. Today, Kim is in Seoul working as a teacher of English because it was impossible to find work in America. He is now part of the “gyopos” community of American born Koreans who have gone west to partake in the South Korean Dream.

Elect Mitt Romney if you want more heading West in search of good jobs!