God At Peace With Herman Cain

Herman Cain is suspending his campaign to become the Republican nominee for president of the United States. He informed America that he had informed God about his decision and “I am at peace with God.” However, there was no promise to cease raising money and selling  books. In reality, this entire campaign was simply a sham in order to sell his books to gullible Americans. He squirmed through charges by two women that he harassed them while working for his pizza company, but latest proof offered by a woman who carried on a 13 year affair simply would not go away.

Flash:  We just received an email from God Himself. He wants Americans to know that He has been observing Cain clandestine affairs with the woman for years so there is no surprise. His only surprise is how supposedly rational and intelligent humans actually thought this black faced comedian had anything to say other than trying out for a minstrel show in which he could play the stupid black faced fool.

The only fools are those who thought this man had at least one intelligent thing to utter!