It has finally happened, the secret forces which are planning to destroy the America we love have triumphed. Fox News is voiding the contract of Glenn Beck, the man who has been the voice of warning about the terrible calamity which awaits this nation. It is not surprising that a group of Jewish Rabbis recently communicated with Fox News about comments from Glenn Beck. The International Communist Jewish Capitalist organization which seeks to control the world has finally removed from TV the only man who understood their plans. I am certain that liberals such as Jon Stewart will not have Beck to kick around anymore when they lack 30 minutes for their supposed comedy programs. Glenn Beck is a man who stands tall for America. Who else but Glenn grasped why President Barack Obama stopped off on his recent trip to Latin America to visit ancient Mayan ruins. Only he made the connection with Mayan predictions the world would end in 2012 and the Obama visit.

Why haven’t the American people been given an opportunity to see the “Obama” birth certificate? Is it because the name on that birth certificate is NOT BARACK OBAMA?? Glenn Beck knows the truth and he is now off the air. Beck knows the name on that birth certificate is: BARACK O MYAYAN!! Not only is Barack Obama the anti-Christ, he is the angel of devastation from the Mayan world!