God Bless Palestinians!

Bradley Burston, writing in Haaretz, asks the world to bless the “Palestinian who, armed with nothing more than courage, plants a flag…”
We would like to add to ideas expressed by Bradley Burton.

God Bless the Palestinian who allows police to assault him and refuses to strike back.

God Bless Palestinians who have love for Israelis and refuse to surrender to the emotion of hate.

God Bless Gazans who reject demands for retaliation and seek peace.

God bless Israeli Jews who refuse to support racial hatred urged by fundamentalist Jews.

God Bless Arab people who welcome Israel into the community of nations.

God Bless Muslim and Jew who hold hands as they march toward police barricades.

God Bless American Jews who refuse to adopt the concept that being critical of Israel policies makes one seek the end of Israel as a nation.

And, a special blessing for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for rejecting the idea there is an Israel lobby that speaks for American Jews.