God Caught In Middle Of Faith Fight

President Barack Hussein Obama should be prepared for the attacks that will be on every right wing nut talk show because the Pentagon revoked an invitation to Rev. Frank Graham to a National Day of Prayer meeting. After all, Frank is the son of Billy Graham, a famous minister to many presidents in the 20th century. Frank mouthed off a few years ago about the Muslim religion which he termed to be an “evil religion.” Col. Tom Collins, a military spokesman, termed those comments “not appropriate,” and emphasized the modern American army was “an all-inclusive military, and we honor all faiths.”

Is there any doubt, Rush and Glenn and Bill and all the cute blond women who pretend to discuss the news will be deeply offended at this insult to a prominent Protestant minister? But, then again, what can we expect when our president has a middle name of “Hussein?” I wonder where God stands in this dispute.