God Created Animals To Be Tested!

I always feel reassured when religious or political leaders reveal to the world their conversations with God as to the reason for our existence on this planet. Malaysian Minister Mohamad Ali Rustan informed the world that after consulting the All Mighty up in Heaven or wherever, he was informed that “God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That’s why he created monkeys and rats.God created monkeys and that’s why some have to be tested. I am glad to know that we humans are not animals, but humans. Of course, I am not quite certain what it means to be a human and not an animal, but I guess when I finally reach Heaven it will all be carefully explained to me. I am a HUMAN. I cannot be tested.

As Mr. Rustan points out, we do eat animals so why can’t we use them for testing purposes. They were created to die so humans could live. It is part of their DNA, save the humans. I guess this finalizes the entire issue as to whether animals are allowed in Heaven. So, if you have a dog named Fido, just turn him into dinner one night and he will not be upset because he never made Heaven.