God Denied Reading Matter In South Africa

Woolworth stores in South Africa, if they are like Woolworth stores in the US, sell a lot of inexpensive junk. They are not the type of establishment one enters in order to acquire something of value since price is the deciding factor in what is being sold. So, how did this nice, pleasant chain of stores arouse the anger of thousands of decent folk in South Africa? Periodically, store managers review what sells and what remains on shelves. They discovered sales of Christian magazines were not exactly booming. As a store manager put it: “we looked at the faith-based catalog of magazines and discovered they were not selling.” So they withdrew these periodicals from their stores. Unfortunately, ministers of churches rushed to utter pleas to God up in Heaven and soon discovered the old man up in the sky was an avid follower of these magazines. He particularly loves those stories about men and women who have strayed and find their way back on the right road.

After listening to Sarah Palin I thought God was a free enterprise fanatic who regarded businessmen as his only true followers. I admit being mistaken, I now know the Old Man does not go along with free enterprise. Oh well, the only certainty is there will be plenty of magazines on shelves in the future. You can guarantee they will not be Playboy.