God In The Military

A repeated complaint by some members of our military academies is the presence of religious activities even though the military does not propagate any religion. Blake Page, a member of West Point who is due to graduate next year has decided to resign from the academy. He denounced a culture which exerts pressure for being a good Christian. Page noted that cadets stand for prayers and nonreligious cadets are termed, “heathens by instructors in basic training. He was told that lack of religion would hamper him becoming a leader. “I don’t want to be part of West Point knowing that the leadership here is OK with just shrugging off    and shirking off respect and good order and discipline and obeying the law and defending the Constitution and doing their job.”

West Point denies his allegations. However, over the past few years similar complaints have come from cadets at the Air Force Academy. Officials admitted that Page had good grades and was not involved in any disciplinary action.